Artist's Profile: Christy Scherrer
A photographer of dynamic and insightful images encompassing the milieu of maternity, birth and newborns, Christy Scherrer is a passionate devotee of artistic black and white photography. Combining her acute powers of observation, considerable technical skills and a gifted sensitivity, she creates high quality, handcrafted images evoking the intimacy and love of family. Christy is co-parent of three girls, a degreed biologist, trained Doula and homebirth assistant. "Accessible and informed choice, devoid of non-consensual coercion, is my driving force. I work and focus my efforts toward a time when families can experience positive and supported parenting from conception to birth and beyond."

the time in the life of a family when two or more connected souls converge in one vessel; the nurturing of the newest member of a family or group. Belly: A part that bulges or protrudes, as in pregnancy Mother: A woman who conceives, gives birth to, or raises and nurtures a child. Baby: A fetus in the mother's womb; an unborn child, an infant; a very young child

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