A Message from the Artist:
As a young child, I was endlessly fascinated by old pictures and perused the family photo albums tirelessly. The ones that intrigued me the most were photos of family members and events before I was born: pictures of my parents wedding, my aunt's weddings, and of the grandparents I would never meet. Those photos preserved images that informed me of where I came from and who brought me here. They gave me a visual account of my genealogy and a sense of identity within my family.

Giving birth to my children was a transformative experience for me, as it most often is for mothers and families. Through this process, I learned of a deeper kind of connectedness that evoked love, warmth, strength, commitment and community. I knew of no word in our language that summed this confluence of feelings I was experiencing and so I began to use "bellymotherbaby" to refer to the phenomenon. It is the stirring of new life, forging, melding and reinforcing the bonds of family.

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