I've always enjoyed photographing people best and while the subjects may change, my favorite themes have always reflected love. Whether I was attempting to capture the essence of the love I felt for my pets and flowers as a child, my friends in college, or now my young family and families all around me, I constantly strive to bring the intensity of this powerful emotion forward. I don't know how this passion will manifest itself as my life changes, but I do know my impulse to edit the view down to four sides filled with love only grows stronger with time.

Mission Statement:
For the past four years I have focused on this theme of the birth of children and families. For me, it represents beginnings, commitment, connection, and a little bit of eternity. By capturing and broadcasting the beauty of positive connections and evoking a holographic reflection of this facet of life, I hope to inspire this powerful and transformative emotion in others. It is my fervent wish that we all be blessed with the gift of the recognition of our humanity and our connectedness with all of the human family through these images.

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